Use a Digital Currency to Monetize Unused and Unsold Capacity

How does the Hawk Group benefit? In Switzerland, we enroll new clients and broker transactions using the financial services provided by WIR. In the U.S., we created the American Trade System (ATS) a duplicate of the WIR System. It derives income by operating the system and as a lender. Hawk Sales, also a subsidiary of Hawk, designs and implements the systematic distribution of the financial product.  




WIR Clients include 28 Sports

and Entertainment Venues, 18 Sports Teams, etc. 

How does WIR benefit? WIR is a bank, minus the regulations. In a country of only 8M, WIR currently processes 6.5B in transactions, has 1.4B in extended credit, 60,000 members and a $400 stock.

Ownership and Management

The Hawk Group is owned and operated by Ezio and Rebecca Valentini. The Company has evolved using non-traditional sales methodologies that deliver results unimaginable using traditional methods.      MORE >>

What is the profit? The cost of providing a seat in an arena, or a hotel room, that would go unsold, is very small. In a dual-currency transaction, the cash always covers all costs and when WIR Francs replace Swiss Francs, the seller receives full value, in cash, for that portion of its unsold capacity.  

How are WIR Francs used? Companies in the network, in addition to their regular cash business, trade with each other using dual-currency transactions that generate high profits.

NOTE: This is specific to the sports and entertainment services sector, however, the methodology works for all sectors. 

The model is being successfully used in two European operations, implemented without our personnel having a physical presence in those countries, however, the sales force is made up of nationals of the specific country. 

Reno, Nevada  89521

Who uses WIR Francs? Companies interested in monetizing a portion of their unused and unsold capacity. They meet strict criteria to participate and must have certain metrics.

A Proprietary Sales Methodology 

      2. Trade Currencies, “complementary” to the national money, i.e. to work, in combination

           with cash, to conduct commercial transactions. Switzerland’s WIR Franc, issued and

           managed by the WIR Trade System (WIR), is the undisputed leader in the sector.

At the end of the fiscal period the team will have sold $500,000 in services (vacant seats) at a 75% profit margin, generating $375,000 in additional net profit. A Hotel with 10M in Sales, an IC Factor of 40% will generate a net profit of $300,000. A construction company with 100M in sales, an I.C. Factor of 45% and 5M in Trade Budget generates $2,750,000 in net profit annually. A restaurant with 1M in annual sales, 900K in expenses and 100K in profit with a 40% total I.C. Factor and a $50,000 Trade Budget, will deliver a $30,000 in net profit.

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Trade Program -  Sports Team Case Study

Innovations include a unique financial model, the use of a private currency and a new, ground-braking, sales and marketing methodology.    

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INTER FC, a professional sports organization with 10M in corporate sales, 9M in expenses and 1M in profit. Income is exclusive of revenue from consumers, not-for-profits and government business. The business’ unused and unsold capacity, primarily unsold seats in the arena, is estimated at over 10M. From the data, a Trade Budget of $500,000 (5% of 10M) is extrapolated, representing the amount of business to be conducted with the team during the next fiscal period.      

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The Trade Budget and the Incremental Cost (IC) Factor

The Hawk Group

Corporate History 

The Hawk Group operates internationally and, in the U.S., has formed and operated 26 companies. The Hawk Group is debt-free, profitable and has a spotless record.   MORE >>


INTER FC, a member of the American Trade System (ATS) 

​​​Projects Completed

The Company operates as a, third-party, sales contractor developing teams, specifically, for each project undertaken. For a partial list of projects completed.   MORE > >

With a long history of operating call centers, the Hawk Group is at the forefront of the evolution of the virtual call center, sales operations without brick-and-mortar facilities. The sales force is assembled in teams of five, does not travel or commute and uses offices, in the cloud, to recruit, train, sell and manage itself. There are never in-person meetings. 

There is no cost in providing a seat that would go unsold. We set the Incremental Cost, or break-even point, at 10% and include a 10% commission and 5% for the System’s charges, for a total of 25%, therefore, the cost of delivering $500,000 in entertainment services, in the form of unsold seats, is $125,000.

What is the advantage? In a cash-only environment, discounts are the only way to generate additional sales. The idea is to replace the discounted portion of the sale with WIR Francs, which allows for the buyer to save cash and use its own unsold capacity to pay for the trade portion of the transaction.

20M is estimated assuming 100% of the facility is used 100% of the time at rack rates. 10M is the actual cash sales volume. The Trade Plan calls for $500,000 to be purchased for $250,000 in cash and 250,000 in ATS Dollars, which are made available to the procurement department to replace U.S. Dollars, resulting in additional profits.

We are a well-established, cloud-based, B2B, sales organization with European and U.S. operations. We provide services to the Hospitality, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail and Professional Services sectors and create large corporate profits for qualified companies.

In a cash-only environment, the seller can only use discounts to entice a sale. In a dual-currency environment the buyer uses less cash to purchase and the seller receives full payment, in cash, for its product or service.

The Hawk Group

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How is the private currency created and placed in circulation? Upon admission, a qualified business secures, and guarantees, a line of credit, in WIR Francs, available to conduct dual-currency purchases. 

      1. Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, et al, provide an alternative to the use of cash. Not

          applicable here.​ 

Digital Currencies – two forms:​

A Master Agreement is executed, quantifying the Trade Budget ($500,000), to be done for 50% cash ($250K) and 50% ATS Dollars (250K), our trade currency. During the fiscal period, our brokers provide Management with proposals that result in the generation of enough dual-currency sales to acquire 250,000 ATS Dollars, while providing similar proposals to generate enough dual-currency purchases to spend the ATS Dollars, generating the predetermined profit.