The idea is to have people that have followed the technology, from inception, with the skills to use a combination of technologies and proprietary sales and marketing methodologies that qualfied companies find irresistible. It requires the collaboration of the software provider, we as re-sellers and the client with spectacular and quantifiable results.

Mobile messaging, or texting, has received huge acceptance by consumers, but largely unexploited by businesses, such as F&B operations that fail to get the enormous advertising traction and eliminate all the above costs and moving parts, resulting in a plan that yields the biggest benefit with the smallest investment. SMS is inexpensive, direct and works. 



Ezio and Rebecca Valentini

Mobile Messaging Consultants to the F&B  and Entertainment Industry

They have partnered with SENTEXT, a pioneer in the SMS (Short Message Service) and at the leading edge in the sector. SENTEXT provides the software and Ezio and Rebecca use their skills and experience to design and implement a plan that includes the use of the phones, email, texting and various social media vehicles. The consultation is free.  

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When a business owner buys advertising, from any source, the amount paid is divided between everyone with a role in delivering the product/service and to cover hard costs (printing presses, TV/radio stations, payrolls, travel, etc.). For what purpose?  To get consumers to buy.  Complicated, expensive and, until now, the only options. 

Ezio “Val” Valentini was raised in a European family that owned and operated restaurants, night clubs , real estate and other businesses. Ezio came to the U.S. and married Rebecca, who beame his partner.  Completed Projects, describe the variety of U.S. businesses, incuding F&B operations and nightlife entertainment facilities. They have retired from all other businesses and only have one activity: marketing mobile messaging programs, specifically for F&B operations.