Similar progress, however, has not been made in the Swiss system. In the Swiss operation, the Hawk Team works with “liquidators” and  other companies in the sector, however, their level of competency and creativity is nowhere near the skills and innovations developed by companies like Omnicom, Horizon Media, Carat, ORION, GroupM, Hilco, etc. It is the Company’s belief that combining the media trade/barter element with the dynamics of the trade currency and the sales and marketing model, developed by the Hawk Group, provides an immense upside in the U.S. 

​​​Projects Completed

The Company operates as a, third-party, sales contractor developing teams, specifically, for each project undertaken. For a partial list of projects completed.   MORE > >

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Switzerland’s WIR Trade System and the Corporate Barter/Media Sector.


Today, in a country of only 8 million people, WIR has 60,000 business members, 20% of ALL Swiss businesses, generates 6.5 billion dollars in sales, profitable with a $400 stock. WIR is really a bank, minus the regulations:​  it is self-capitalized, extends secured credit, in WIR Francs, while charging interest, fees and other costs, in cash. Currently, the aggregate amount of extended credit is in the 1.4B range, generating, on the annual basis, 26 million dollars in revenue. 


Ownership and Management

The Hawk Group is owned and operated by Ezio and Rebecca Valentini. Their partnership has evolved using non-traditional sales methodologies that deliver results unimaginable using traditional methods..     MORE >>

Barter, however, spawned a truly innovative model: the corporate barter/media model,with Alan Elkin and Art Wagner of Active International, Allan Hackel and other pioneers who made the disposition of unwanted corporate assets a valuable tool for mainstream business. Media, because of its nature, is the perfect product for barter and, over the last 20 years, enormous advances have been made by the new sector. 

Innovations include a unique financial model, the use of a private currency and a new, ground-braking, sales and marketing methodology.    

A scientific approach to sales

and profits.

We are a well-established, cloud-based, B2B, sales organization with European and U.S. operations. We provide services to the Hospitality, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail and Professional Services sectors and create large corporate profits for qualified companies.

Switzerland’s WIR Trade System (WIR), the most successful corporate trade (barter) operation ever, was launched in 1934. It issues and manages the WIR Franc, a private digital currency. To be admitted, a company must be in the Hospitality, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail or Services sectors, be profitable and have acceptable metrics with regard to the existing operation.

A New, Technology-Powered, Sales Channel

The Hawk Group


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Corporate History 

The Hawk Group operates internationally and, in the U.S., has formed and operated 26 companies. The Hawk Group is debt-free, profitable and has a spotless record.   MORE >>

The model applied to the Hospitality sector.

Attempts to duplicate WIR, in the U.S., resulted in the retail barter exchange sector (ITEX, IMS, etc.).​ Two major sins were committed:  1) admit anyone willing to pay the fee, and  2) allow the exchange operator to control the number of barter dollars in circulation. (in WIR, there is  NO new WIR Franc issued without a corresponding asset coming into the system). Retail barter never penetrated mainstream business. 

The Hawk Group



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In 1947, Ezio Valentini's family acquired two Swiss businesses, a hotel and a granite quarry, that were, and still are, members of the WIR Trade System. Since inheriting an interest Ezio has served on the businesses’ management teams, working closely with WIR and organizing a sales initiative to generate new business for the network.  It can be argued that Ezio knows more about WIR than anyone outside Switzerland. The Hawk Group has spent several years, and several million dollars, to prepare for the U.S. operation and an arrangement with a media company is anticipated.