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The Hawk Group operates internationally. In the U.S. it has formed and operated 26 companies. The Hawk Group has a spotless record, is profitable and debt-free.  MORE >>



Like its Swiss counterpart, the American Trade System is a self-contained, private, economic, finance, credit and monetary system that delivers spectacular results for clients and well-paid sales positions. It contributes to the economy by monetizing a portion of the unused and unsold inventory and capacity of qualified companies.   

Be profitable and conducting a certain amount of cash business.
Have a certain amount of unused and unsold capacity.
Be able to generate a small amount of additional business at a low I.C. Factor (Incremental Cost).

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Link to Proposal to XYZ Construction.  In another example, a construction company with 100M in sales, an I.C. Factor of 45% and 5M in Trade Budget generates $2,750,000 in net profit annually.​​ 

ABC Hotel with 50M in sales, 45M in expenses and 5M in profit. For the next fiscal period, the hotel is seeking membership in the Trade System and has provided the operation’s  metrics: income from corporate entities, exclusive of revenue from consumers and not-for-profits and the business' estimated unused and unsold capacity. From the data, a Trade Budget of 2.5M (5% of 50M) is extrapolated, representing the amount of services the System will arrange to purchase from the hotel during the next fiscal period.    



In 1934, 15 Swiss businesses, including 3 hotels, formed the WIR Trade System, designed to issue and manage a private form of money, the WIR Franc, used as part payment, together with cash, to conduct business with each other.

​100M is estimated assuming 100% of the facility is used 100% of the time at rack rates. 50M is the actual cash revenue. The Trade Plan calls for 2.5M in hotel services to be purchased for 1.25M in cash and 1.25 in ATS Dollars, the private currency, which are made available to the procurement department to reduce cash expenditures, resulting in additional profits.  


The sales matrix is made up of 5-people cells operating in the cloud.

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Innovations include a unique financial model, based on the I.C. Factor (Incremental Cost) and a new, ground-braking, technology-driven, sales and marketing methodology. 


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We increase, in a quantifiable manner, the bottom line of qualified companies in the Hospitality, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail and Services sectors. It is based on an idea, a concept, currently unexploited in the U.S., but used in Switzerland where our sales team identifies companies with specific profiles and generates highly profitable transactions.   

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The line of credit to be secured.

WIR Francs to be used to repay the principal on the loan. 
Interest payments to be made, in cash, while the credit line is in use.   


The original members brought clients and vendors to the System and, today, 20% of all Swiss businesses are members, 60,000 in all, generating 6.5 billion dollars in volume. There are 718 Swiss hotels as members and the current aggregate amount of credit extended by the System is $1,355,000,000.  

In a cash-only environment, the seller can only use discounts to entice a sale. In a dual-currency environment the buyer uses less cash to purchase and the seller receives full payment, in cash, for its product or service. 

The methods have been used by Switzerland’s WIR Trade System for decades and a duplicate for the U.S. has been created.

The Hawk Group


​​​Projects Completed

The Company operates as a third-party sales contractor developing teams, specifically, for each project undertaken. For a partial list of projects completed.   MORE > >



The additional business is not going to increase debt service, payroll, leases, insurance, advertising, etc. Those costs are included in the 45M in cash expenses. The I.C. Factor contains only costs directly incurred providing the additional services, which can be below 10%. For the purpose of this presentation and keeping in mind that some of the services will include the cost of food and beverage, we will use 25% as the I.C. Factor. Our 10% commission is added and 5% for the System’s charges for a total of 40%, therefore, the cost of delivering $2,500,000 in hotel services, is $1,000,000.

Companies must:

Link to Proposal to ABC Hotel.  At the end of the fiscal period the hotel will have sold $2,500,000 in services at a 60% profit margin, generating $1,500,000 in additional net profit.   

The Hawk Group​​

Companies receive a line of credit, in WIR Francs, and sign an agreement which calls for:

The Hawk Group uses a private currency to conduct B2B business. The American Trade System (ATS) and its currency, the ATS Dollar, have been created using Switzerland’s WIR Trade System (WIR) as a model.




The concept is based on the I.C. Factor (Incremental Cost), expressed in a percentage and refers to the effective, real, cost incurred by a company in generating additional sales, over and above existing sales, in an amount of 5%, or less, of gross sales.  It is the “break-even point” and, across the industries, ranges between 0% and 35%.

A Master Agreement is executed, quantifying the I.C. Factor (40%) and the Trade Budget ($2,500,000), to be  done for 50%  cash ($1.25M) and 50% ATS Dollars (1.25M), our trade currency. During the fiscal period, our brokers work with the sales department of the hotel, as third-party sales contractors, to generate enough dual-currency sales to acquire 1,250,000 ATS Dollars, while working with the procurement department to make enough dual-currency purchases to spend the ATS Dollars, generating the predetermined profit. 

We are a well-established, cloud-based, B2B, third-party, sales organization with two current European operations. We are launching a U.S.-based operation that will create large corporate profits and jobs in the U.S.

A restaurant with 1M in annual sales, 900K in expenses and 100K in profit with a 40% total I.C. Factor and a $50,000 Trade Budget, will deliver $50,000 in meals at a 60% profit, or $30,000 in net profit.       

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The Hawk Group was founded by Ezio and Rebecca Valentini in 1976. Hawk has undertaken projects in financial services, real estate, hospitality and call centers while developing, proprietary, sales methodologies that are unique and effective   MORE >>