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The Hawk Group

The Hawk Group has two primary projects:

The Hawk Group was founded, and it’s owned, by Ezio and Rebecca Valentini. In the U.S., it has formed and operated 26 companies in real estate, hospitality, call centers and entertainment using technology and proprietary sales and marketing methodologies to operate sales organizations, which have evolved, in the last 10 years, into cloud-based operations with no brick-and-mortar facilities. The Hawk Group markets its own product or service, and for others, as an Outsourced Service Provider (OSP).

The success of the Hawk Group comes from creating partnerships and other arrangements with entities that contribute, in a major way, to our projects. 

Hawk Group

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    1. The development and launch of the American Trade System (ATS), a financial product, currently provided in Switzerland by the

        WIR Bank.
    2. The establishment of a chain of 
Smoke & Alcohol-free, 18 & Over Dance Clubs in the U.S.