We are a well-established, cloud-based, international sales organization providing services to: 1) the Timeshare industry and 2) Hotels and other businesses.   

Corporate History 

The Hawk Group operates internationally and, in the U.S., has formed and operated 26 companies. The Hawk Group is debt-free, profitable with a spotless record.    MORE >>

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Technology, entrepreneurship, salesmanship and innovation are combined to provide a unique opportunity for a unique group of families to improve their vacation experience at the best possible terms, while making an informed, clear-minded, family decision.

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​​​Projects Completed

The Company operates as a sales contractor developing teams, specifically, for each project undertaken. For a partial list of projects completed.   MORE > >

Foreclosed weeks do not generate income and, over the years, accumulate and the budget suffers and current members have to absorb the additional cost or pay for a special assessment.

Video meetings with the prospects at home are non-threatening and not difficult to arrange. Meetings have a consultative nature, where both sides exchange information, with full disclosure and, if it results in a sale, it is a real estate transaction, regulated by real estate laws. 

Case Study: A white-collar man, with a wife and one child, earning $75,000, homeowner and 10-12 years into the workforce, anticipating retirement at age 65. The information secured during those few years allows us to predict a trajectory of future events like job changes, pay raises, car purchases, larger house, etc.

Construction Costs - 20%

The HOA does not have the ability to market the interests, however, we do, beginning with the costs we eliminate.   

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How well does it work? In one of our projects, we provided 207 families with the opportunity to own a vacation program at terms similar to the ones offered now. Our clients received title to a deeded week at The Lodge at Kingsbury Crossing at Lake Tahoe.

The owner used it and the fees help maintained the property. Along the way, a divorce or other reason caused the interval to be foreclosed and is now owned by the HOA. 


In video meetings the team is face-to-face with the prospects with the ability to include others, share screens and other features that provide everything needed to facilitate a meeting-of-the-minds and close the deals.  The use of this technology results in spectacular savings over traditional nethods.

Developer Profit - 15%

Vacation Ownership is over 50 years old. Many of the resorts, referred to as “legacy resorts”, built and sold out decades ago, have an aging membership and other factors that generate foreclosures.

The original costs are no longer a factor. There are minor costs related to clearing the title. The only expense is our cost in securing the interval and finding the buyer. Total costs range in the 14% to 16%, including real estate commissions, or an 86% discount from retail. 

Administration & Overhead Costs - 10%

We bring an important innovation to timeshare: Video Sales. We use the latest Identity Data Management Platform (IDMP) to establish a database which we contact and arrange for video meetings, where sales are made. 

These savings are possible because we avoid solicitors, sales centers, offices and other expenses and use video conferencing to meet our prospects and conduct business.

This illustrates a vacation ownership interval purchased 20 years ago from the developer for $25,000 and how the purchase money was spent.

The disposition of, Homeowner Association (HOA)-owned, foreclosed inventory is our business. We perform two functions:

It can also anticipate the rate upon which the family income will rise. The income covers the family’s necessities: housing, food, healthcare, transportation, retirement and yes, vacations. As affordability increases, thought has to be given to having a vacation ownership program, or not.


Our data management systems maintain a database of families, current v.o. owners, who make the most use of their asset and are enthusiastic about this type of family vacations. We use the information to identify families with matching, or similar profiles, as the next generation and help them avoid the most common mistake: paying too much. Our clients enjoy between 80% and 90% discount over retail.

The Hawk Group​​

How do we find the perfect client?

Solution: video meeting sales (no group sales meetings)

50% - Sales & Marketing


The couple is educated, tech-savvy, well-informed and disciplined and all indications say the family would benefit from an organized vacation ownership program, provided it can be acquired at the lowest possible cost, and expand as needed. From the information collected on the couple over the years, the point in time can be established when the growing family should consider vacation ownership. For the couple in question, the time appears to be now.


Bank/Lender Profit - 5%

Life's Necessities

Problem: legacy resorts and foreclosed inventory

The Hawk Group

We have used various emerging technologies including the adoption of video meetings to generate sales and, years ago, we transitioned from brick-and-mortar facilities to a totally virtual operation where our sales force meets and conducts business using “video offices” in the cloud.

•    We arrange to acquire the interval at little cost.
•    We find the most qualified buyer for the asset. 

We partner with the largest customer intelligence solutions provider with real-time, data driven, intelligence and marketing analytics. 

Ownership and Management

The Hawk Group was founded by Ezio and Rebecca Valentini in 1976. Hawk has undertaken projects in financial services, real estate, timeshare, hospitality and call centers using proprietary sales methodologies that deliver results unimaginable using traditional methods.     MORE >>