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Timeshare presentations are stressful for most people. An unfamiliar place, full of strangers and the activities at the table increase the anxiety. Attendees feel a lack of control and many regret agreeing to attend. Anyone who has ever taken a tour, knows the mind games being played: the “pact” couples make before attending, the smokescreens and other stuff people say to get their gift and get out of there. None of that exists in a Video Sale.

Timeshare Clients and Partners

We bring an important innovation to timeshare: Video Sales. We contact people who have attended timeshare presentations, after they returned home, and arrange for video meetings where sales are made at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

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Corporate History 

The Hawk Group operates internationally and, in the U.S., has formed and operated 26 companies. The Hawk Group is debt-free, profitable with a spotless record.    MORE >>

​​​Projects Completed

The Company operates as a sales contractor developing teams, specifically, for each project undertaken. For a partial list of projects completed.   MORE > >

Everyone has a computer, and/or, a phone, the Skype app is free and so are the calls. The prospects are now on video, face-to-face, with our team of two, or three, people. Away from the stresses of the sales room, they are home, safe and relaxed,  their defense mechanism is down and they are more inclined to be straightforward and engage in a dialogue that leads to a sale. Probing questions are likely to be  answered honestly.  

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The Hawk Group​​

The costs of Video Sales are a fraction of those of traditional methods. Agents operate from their computers and assemble, as a team, in the cloud where they meet with prospects and close sales. Below is an illustration of Video Sales and a list of our Timeshare Clients and Partners.

We have operated call centers for 40 years and, 11 years ago, we transitioned from brick-and-mortar facilities to using “offices” in the cloud, to originate and close transactions in the U.S. and Europe. 

Ownership and Management

The Hawk Group was founded by Ezio and Rebecca Valentini in 1976. Hawk has undertaken projects in financial services, real estate, timeshare, hospitality and call centers using proprietary sales methodologies that deliver results unimaginable using traditional methods.     MORE >>

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The Hawk Group

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A New Tool in Timeshare: Video Sales

A niche market we have pursued: companies that present a product, or service, to a prospect and fail to make a sale. An example is timeshare, where 90% of the people who attend presentations do not buy. ​

We are now ready  to provide a similar service to the American timeshare industry. Our involvement in timeshare dates back to the 1970s. We are also involved in other industries, where we developed skills and tools that allow us to bring such innovations as timeshare video sales.


We are a well-established, cloud-based, international sales organization providing services to: 1) the Timeshare industry and 2) Hotels and other businesses.  

We made a deal with one of our Swiss clients, a vacation club, to contact past attendees, convert the phone call to a video meeting and reach people who did not purchase. Our closing percentage is in the 15% range. 

The same tourist behaves differently in a sales room than he/she does in a resale office, or when we speak with them on video: there is no contract to buy their time and they can stop the dialogue anytime. When they speak with us, they have seen the resort and heard the v.o. pitch. The mind-set is different and a well-trained team can close a good percentage of the prospects using this method. There is transparency because our offices in the cloud can be monitored, anonymously and randomly. To comply with the law, video meetings include someone who is licensed.