Over the years, the Hawk Group has undertaken a variety of projects and the Valentinis have maintained an interest in developing and launching a chain of dance clubs with XENON as the model. 

Ezio Valentini was born and raised in a business family with interests in agricultural, commercial and entertainment properties. He trained in real estate and as a “progettista”, responsible for coordinating concept development, design, construction, launch and operations of large discotheques.

Ezio expanded activities to the U.S., married Rebecca Varney who became his business partner. They founded the Hawk Group, which, in the U.S., operated 26 companies in real estate, finance and call centers. They currently have a Swiss and an Italian operation, providing sales services to a bank and the agricultural sector.    

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With an interest in nightlife, Ezio saw an opportunity to capitalize on a demographic group no one, in the U.S., seemed interested in: the 18 to 21 age group. A business model was created for an, alcohol-free, European-style dance club and XENON Salt Lake was launched, followed by XENON Boise, both successful operations.

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