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The WIR Trade System, Blockchain Technology and De-Centralization

Established in 1934, WIR has grown to 60,000 active members generating, in Switzerland, 6.5 billion dollars in volume. All transactions are done using a combination of Swiss Francs and WIR Francs.

This is an invitation to the blockchain movement to explore combining the advances made in the sector with our decades in related sectors such as corporate barter, the use of digital currencies in international trade, media trade credits and other applications unrelated to the blockchain model, with our unique marketing methods as described in: Cloud-Based Sales Centers, the WIR Trade System  and the Blockchain Model.    

There are 7 processing centers and a payroll of 400. As we learned about Bitcoin, et al, we asked: if the WIR system could be de-centralized and blockchain technology applied, would it eliminate the need for brick-and-mortar facilities and greatly reduce payroll? It seems so to us.

Our company is currently under contract to provide brokerage services to a network of Swiss businesses. We arrange buying and selling transactions between companies in Hospitality, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail and Services, using a unique financial tool provided by the WIR trade System: The WIR Franc, a private digital currency.