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The System is complex, however, based on a simple concept: the I.C. Factor (Incremental Cost). 

The Trade Budget: The aggregate amount of dual-currency transactions to be done annually, extrapolated from the company’s metrics. MORE

The I.C. (Incremental Cost) Factor: The actual cost of outsourcing the sale of a small percentage of the unused and unsold capacity. MORE 

Why Use Trade Credits? Trade Credits allow for a portion of the unsold capacity to be sold for cash at 50%, or more, profit margin.  MORE

The Profit Margin: Once the I.C. Factor is quantified, the Seller’s profit is also quantified. MORE 

The Trade Currency: The ATS Dollar is tagged to the U.S. Dollar and is issued by the system and placed in circulation through the extension of secured credit to a member. The ATS Dollar is not a crypto currency and does not use blockchain technology.  MORE

Qualified businesses, in addition to their cash business, conduct profitable buying and selling transactions with other WIR members using a combination of Swiss Francs and WIR Francs, the private currency issued and managed by the System. From 16 original members, the System has grown to 60,000 business members generating 6.5 billion dollars in business annually. 

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The initial and, essential, step is to have a full and clear understanding of the WIR System, its origins, the value proposition and the role it plays in the Swiss economy, WIR Bank Wikipedia. Next, a U.S. company is selected, in one of the five categories, to be one of the core members in the system. The network grows at a fast rate.

ATS is a duplicate for the U.S. and ready to launch. The need for capital, prior to launch, is modest.  We are reaching to the investment/banking/financial services community seeking individuals able to examine, and assess, the merit of the project and its dynamics, the management and the Swiss prototype currently operating. We are looking for partners, with, or without, capital.   

Client’s Qualifications: Must be in one of the five categories and have Acceptable Metrics: 1) Amount of business currently conducted with corporate entities, 2) the estimated amount of unused and unsold capacity, and 3) the IC Factor, i.e. the actual cost of outsourcing additional sales not to exceed 10 percent of the unsold capacity.  

Two companies: 1) the American Trade System (ATS) issues and manages the ATS Dollar, the system’s trade currency, and 2) Hawk Sales, the sales contractor, derives compensation from generating transactions on behalf of clients. 

Hospitality - Construction - Manufacturing - Retail - Services/Media.

ATS provides American companies with similar services to those provided, in Switzerland, by the WIR Trade System, a Division of the WIR Bank. It is a B2B operation exempt from banking regulations because it uses a private form of money, the WIR Franc, a digital currency, in its operation. Clients meet strict requirements to participate and are in:   

Transactions: Buying transactions are channeled via the procurement department and selling transactions are channeled, at retail or rack rates, through the sales department. All deals have both a cash and a trade currency component.

The Credit System: Members provide a promissory note to secure the extension of credit. MORE 

The Trade System: The System is centralized, maintains accounts, posts debits and credits, charges interest and other fees.

 The Economic Miracle of the I.C. (incremental Cost) Factor
The American Trade System (ATS)