WIR original members brought clients and vendors to the System and, today, 20% of all Swiss businesses are members, 60,000 in total, generating 6.5 billion dollars in volume. There are 100s of Swiss hotels and restaurants as members and the current aggregate amount of credit extended by the System is $1,355,000,000. 

The American Trade System (ATS), a subsidiary of the Hawk Group

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Like its Swiss counterpart, the American Trade System and the private currency, the ATS Dollar, make for a self-contained, private, economic, finance, credit and monetary system that delivers spectacular results for clients and well-paid sales positions. It contributes to the economy by monetizing a portion of the unused and unsold inventory and capacity of qualified companies. 

A line of credit, in WIR Francs, is extended with an agreement calling for:

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  • Be profitable and conduct a certain amount of corporate business.

  • Have a certain amount of unused and unsold capacity or inventory. 

  • Be able to generate a certain amount of additional business at a low cost.  


The membership of the WIR and ATS systems is made up, exclusively, of companies in the Hospitality, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail and Services Sectors. Companies in those sectors spend a significant amount of their budget purchasing goods and services from the other four sectors, which allows for the private currency to be used, in combination with cash, to make sales, and purchases, causing a large increase in the companies’ taxable income.  

  • The line of credit to be secured. 

  • WIR Francs to be used to repay the principal on the loan. 

  • Interest payments to be made, in cash, while the credit line is in use. 

The American Trade System (ATS), a subsidiary of the Hawk Group, was created using the WIR System as a model. In 1934, 15 Swiss businesses, including 3 hotels, formed the WIR Trade System, designed to issue and manage a private form of money, the WIR Franc, used, together with Swiss Francs, to generate dual-currency buying and selling transactions between members. Companies must: