Corporate Trade and Dual-Currency Transactions

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The Principals of the Hawk Group have had a relationship with the WIR System for decades as clients and, for the last four years, as sales contractors. A similar system for the U.S. has been created and an affiliation with a U.S. hotel is sought.   

Discounts are the primary method for hotels to compete.  The extreme:  An OTA sells a $200 rack-rate room for $100 and net the hotel $40, at an 80% discount.

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In Switzerland, a B2B cooperative was formed, designed to provide new services, including compensating for discounts and use, instead, a private form of money, the WIR Franc, in combination with the Swiss Franc, to buy and sell with other participants.   Currently, the WIR System has 60,000 members and generates 6.5B in volume.   

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