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“I have represented Ezio and Rebecca Valentini in various business and personal matters from 1983 to the present. I have helped them form new businesses and sell companies and property and in other personal legal matters. I can attest that Ezio and Rebecca have demonstrated to me a high level of integrity and honesty in all matters. I appreciate their creativity, candor and enthusiasm and have enjoyed my association with them as clients and I consider them to be friends.”

Ezio and Rebecca Valentini, the principals of The Hawk Group and its subsidiaries, operate in financial services, real estate, entertainment, hospitality and contact centers. They headquartered in Utah for 25 years where they formed 17 of the 26 companies they launched in the western region, with 4 currently operating and the rest terminated after completion of the projects. The projects were completed without a failure, complaint, default, lawsuit or bankruptcy. Ezio has held Real Estate Broker’s licenses in 5 U.S. states and 3 foreign countries. Rebecca held licenses in Nevada, California and Utah. The Company has offices in Lugano, Switzerland and in Reno, Nevada, USA. Below are the records from the State of Utah.

Corporate History of the Hawk Group and its Principals, Ezio and Rebecca Valentini