Ezio was contracted by a Switzerland’s WIR Trade System to design and implement an initiative to market a unique financial service to a select group of Swiss companies. The operation uses a private, asset-backed, digital currency as part payment. The concept, when adopted in the U.S., will inject billions in the economy. 

Ezio Valentini - Biography

Ezio learned about a unique sales methodology, referred to as team-selling, originally developed by developers of master-planned communities and later adopted by the timeshare industry. As the architect and primary trainer of the sales force, Ezio secured partnerships, with equity positions, in several large developments without, ever, being a guarantor of a corporate obligation.

Ezio dedicated his entire career to the team-selling model, transitioning from land sales, to call-centers, to B2B virtual operations where the sales force conducts cradle-to-grave, commissionable, transactions operating in teams, using cloud-based sales offices with no brick-and-mortar facilities.

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Ezio Valentini, born and raised in an Italian business family, was trained in Real Estate, Hotels, Financial Services and Entertainment. At a point, Ezio began operating in the U.S. as a land developer, where he learned the way to limit liabilities by bringing something to the table essential to any enterprise: sales. 

Exposure to the Swiss company and its unique financial product, resulted in Ezio visualizing an immense opportunity to establish a similar model in the U.S., which is now ready to launch. The company is self-funded and debt free.

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