Ezio graduated from the E. Maggia Institute in Stresa, Italy and attended l’Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne in Switzerland.  Ezio and Rebecca Valentini reside in Reno, Nevada.

Ezio Valentini 

Rebecca Varney married Ezio Valentini and became his business partner.  This resulted in a career-long involvement in the real estate, finance, entertainment, hospitality and contact center industries.  She manages the financial affairs of the company and supervises the administrative functions.

Rebecca graduated from the LDS Business College in Salt Lake City and has held Real Estate licenses in Utah, California and Nevada. 

Rebecca Valentini

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Ezio Valentini was born in an Italian business family. He expanded his activities to the U.S. where, with his partner Rebecca Valentini, formed the Hawk Group, specializing in real estate and call centers.

Rebecca directs the efforts to research and adopt emerging technologies and develop innovative methodologies for the business applications and sales platforms.  Rebecca was responsible for the overall management of the entertainment division.

The call center evolved into a Cloud-based Sales Center, where the sales force is recruited, trained and managed without a brick-and-mortar facility, using a combination of the phone, email and Skype video to make cradle-to-grave, commissionable, sales. Ezio is the architect of the sales platforms and primary trainer.