•    A cloud-based operation providing a network of Swiss businesses with the services of WIR Trade System.
•    Operated a call and sales center in Salt Lake City for 25 years.
•    Ezio took over a failed subdivision and executed a plan that resulted in the sell-out of the 2,034-lot, golf development

     which, today, is a municipality: Town of Star Valley Ranch
Green River Ranch - (Wyoming) 1,840 acres, 352 lots - Owner/Developer.
•    Provides a group of
Swiss hotels with new corporate business at extremely high profit margins.  

Rebecca is responsible for the design and supervision of credit extension programs made available to the ultimate purchasers of real estate and other products or services marketed by the subsidiaries of the Hawk Group. Rebecca graduated from the LDS Business College in Salt Lake City and has held real estate licenses in Utah, California and Nevada.

Rebecca Valentini - COO

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​​​​Some of Ezio’s projects:

Ezio Valentini was born and raised in an Italian business family with interests in hotels, agricultural and commercial properties.  He expanded his activities to the U.S., co-founded the Hawk Group engaging in real estate, financial services, hospitality and call centers.

                                       Ezio is a dual-citizen of Italy and the U.S. He graduated from the E. Maggia Institute in Stresa, Italy and attended L’Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne in Switzerland. The company has offices in Lugano, Switzerland and Reno, Nevada.

As an investor, developer and innovator, Ezio designs and implements sales initiatives creating  operations that use a team-selling approach, using offices in the cloud to conduct sales. 

Ezio Valentini - CEO, Founder, Sales Platform Architect

The Sales Team

Additional Projects can be viewed in Projects Completed.

Ezio is co-owner of two Swiss businesses that are members of the WIR Trade System.  As a client, Ezio learned the economic advantages of a well-designed and executed, fiscally balanced, asset-backed, trade system and has undertaken the challenge of bringing a similar system to the U.S.  

Rebecca also supervises a group of IT specialists and directs the efforts to research and adopt emerging technologies and develop innovative methodologies for the business applications and sales platforms. 

The legal, accounting, tax and other administrative functions have been performed by a team affiliated with the company for many years.  The team includes the Astill Law Firm as well as a team of IT specialists and providers of CRM and online conferencing technologies used in the operation.

The Hawk Team

Rebecca Varney married Ezio Valentini and became his business partner.  This resulted in a career-long involvement in the real estate, finance, entertainment, hospitality and contact center industries.  She manages the financial affairs of the company and supervises the administrative functions.

As a sales organization, the Hawk Group is unique because it does not have an in-house sales team. Because of the diversity of the projects undertaken, a specific team is developed for each project.

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The Hawk Group's success comes from its ability to secure partners that bring value to a project. In the European operation, it entered into a partnership with a group of Swiss nationals, familiar with the financial model that, collectively, brought experience and expertise in the five disciplines (Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Hospitality and Services). The Hawk Team designed and implemented the successful sales initiative.