• Cape Coral - (Florida) - 115 square miles - Current Population 176,458 – Various positions in sales and marketing. 
  • City of Rio Rancho - (New Mexico) - 55,000 acres - Current Population 88,562 – Various positions in sales and marketing.
  • ​​​​​​Town of Star Valley Ranch – (Wyoming,) - 2,620-acre, 2,034-lot golf community - Current Population 2,021 – Director of Sales.
    ​Green River Ranch
      - (Wyoming) 1,840 acres, 352 lots - Owner/Developer.​

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Entertainment Projects 

  • ​​Operated call center specializing in land sales and timeshare sales on behalf of major developers. 
  • WIR Trade System Sales Project – (Switzerland) - Designed and implemented, cloud-based, financial services sales operation. 

        Ezio Valentini

A partial list of projects undertaken by Ezio Valentini, the Hawk Group and its subsidiaries. Click "HERE" for a more detailed list.

Real Estate Projects

  • ​​​​​XENON Salt Lake City - Opened as an  alcohol-free club with occupancy of 1,750, operated for 16 years until the building was replaced with a Walgreens. Over its lifespan, XENON, sold over 2 million admissions.
  • XENON Boise - Retrofitted from an alcohol facility to an anlcohol-free club, with occupancy of 1,650, with XENON SLC as the model. It operated until the building was replaced with a parking structure.

Projects Completed

Call Center Projects