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The Swiss economy, and population, is equal to the State of Virginia.

Switzerland's WIR Trade System a Division of the WIR Bank

A Private Economic, Finance, Credit and Monetary System.

WIR is a Trade System that issues and manages a private form of money, the WIR Franc, used, in combination with Swiss Francs, by a network of Swiss companies to conduct business with each other. 

  • Operates exclusively in Switzerland and issues and manages the world’s most successful private, asset-backed, complementary trade currency, the ​ WIR Franc.
  • Transactions are processed by 400 employees, from seven regional offices. 

  • Has 60,080 participating companies.
  • Generates 6.5 billion dollars in transactions.
  • Has 1.3 billion in extended credit to members.
  • Generates large annual profits.
  • Its stock trades in the $400.00 range  (Bern Exchange)

Switzerland's WIR Trade System - Overview

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The WIR System admits only qualified companies. Members use dual-currency transactions, Swiss Francs and WIR Francs, to conduct business, without discounting their product or services. The System's 60,000 members generate over 6 billion dollars in volume. WIR also operates as a lender, extending secured credit, in WIR Francs, to its members.

8-minute video by the RAI Italian Television Network