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WIR Trade Sectors

It is operated as a division of the WIR Bank.

Switzerland's WIR Trade System a Division of the WIR Bank

WIR is a private economic, finance, credit and monetary system.

WIR members use a private form of money, a trade currency called the WIR Franc, used in combination with the Swiss Franc, to conduct business with each other. The WIR Franc is not a crypto currency, the system is centralized and operates exclusively inside the Swiss borders. The currency is issued by the System under strict, fiscally balanced, policies. The System functions as a lender. The operation is not subject to banking laws because the currency is private.

  • Operates exclusively in Switzerland and issues and manages the world’s most successful private, asset-backed, complementary trade currency, the ​ WIR Franc.
  • ​​The WIR Franc is not a crypto currency, does not use blockchain technology and it’s pegged to the Swiss Franc.​
  • WIR has NO BRANCHES and all transactions conducted electronically and administered from seven processing centers.
  • Has 60,080 participating companies.
  • Generates 6.5 billion dollars in transactions.
  • Has 1.3 billion in extended credit to members.
  • Generates large annual profits.
  • Its stock trades in the $400.00 range  (Bern Exchange)

Switzerland's WIR Trade System - Overview

The WIR website is published in Italian, French and German.